Compassion in Politics submission to Lords Committee on Covid

2020-08-04 17:37:12 +0100

Compassion in Politics has made a formal submission to the House of Lords Committee on Covid-19. The Committee is running an inquiry on life after Covid, looking specifically at the changes that should be made to our politics, economy, and society.

Our submission emphasised that:

  • Covid has highlighted and exacerbated existing inequalities in society: there has been a significantly higher infection and death rate for deprived and BAME communities
  • This is the result of decades of willful ignorance of the inability of our current economic system to redistribute wealth or provide adequate services and housing to the less-advantaged
  • Now is the time to re-imagine our economic system. We should be looking at transforming it into one which ensures everyone's basic needs are met and their health and wellbeing protected.

The proposal we have submitted is based on the work we have been doing recently with Professor Michael Marmot and the APPG for Compassionate Politics on a proposed Covid Legacy Bill. You can read more about that here

Download the full submission here.


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