Compassion has the power to change politics for good.

From inequality to homelessness, online abuse to refugees dying at sea - imagine how these issues would be tackled if compassion was the main motivation of decision-makers. 

​Yet compassion has been edged out of the political debate, replaced by a politics of fear, anger, and division, and a narrative which emphasises individual success over collective well-being and happiness.

When we look at ourselves and our lives, however, it seems pretty obvious that we are so much more than that. We love, care, volunteer, help and support.

Our proudest political achievements as a nation - the introduction of the NHS, the Kindertransport which rescued 10,000 Jewish children from the Nazis, the legalisation of homosexuality - were all built on compassionate principles. 

What if instead of rewarding self advancement and encouraging greed we celebrated and cultivated those types of policy and the values that they represent?

​Through a new kind of politics and with a new set of values at the heart of decision-making we can create a nation that cares for one another, improves everyone’s lives, and protects our natural world.

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Our team

Matt Hawkins


Matt Hawkins has led a number of social and environmental justice campaigns. He was part of the Nobel Peace Prize winning team at the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) which successfully lobbied the UN to introduce a ban on nuclear weapons. Most recently, he managed the Equal Civil Partnerships Campaign which secured the introduction of civil partnerships for mixed-sex couples. 

Jennifer Nadel


Jennifer Nadel is a qualified barrister, author, political strategist, activist and award-winning television journalist. She has reported for the BBC, Channel Four News and was ITN’s Home Affairs editor. Her report exposing the use of rape as a weapon of war in Bosnia was used by UN war crimes investigators and she’s reported extensively on how the law discriminates against women. Her most recent book, WE, charts how to bring about individual and societal change. Her father came to the UK on the Kindertransport. She is on the board of INQUEST, a charity which supports families whose relatives have died in custody.

Rebecca Sharkey

External Affairs

Rebecca is an experienced campaigns and advocacy professional, who has worked in senior positions for organisations including the Women’s Institute and ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons), which won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.

Mira Borggreen

Head of International Strategy and Outreach

Mira is the founder of Danes for Hillary and Danes for Harris - and she volunteered for Hillary’s campaign in 2016. She also volunteered for the virtual Kindfest 2020. She has worked in communications for a decade and holds degrees in both journalism and American Studies. She has studied and worked in the U.S. She lives in Denmark.

Georgina Groome

Head of Outreach and Events

Georgina has a background working in Psychology and Mental Health. She is an advocate for health and wellbeing at all levels - individual, societal and environmental and is motivated by the ideas promoted in Effective Altruism. She has a special interest in ethics and morality and what it means to be a ‘Good Ancestor’. 

Seb Phillips

Public Affairs and Marketing Manager

Seb is a recent graduate from the University of Bath, where he studied for a BSc in Politics and International Relations, before going on to complete an MSc in International Development. Seb has gained experience through internships at think tanks, public affairs firms and development consultancies, and is working for social enterprise, The Washing Machine Project, alongside Compassion in Politics.

Emma Fulton

Head of Training

Emma is a professional coach and mentor. She spent 14 years providing corporate finance and management consulting services to a range of public sector clients first with Deloitte and then a boutique consulting firm. She gained her qualification in coaching from Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in 2013.

Alex Wilks

Campaigns Adviser

Alex has extensive experience as a digital campaign strategist and manager. He was previously Digital Manager for the European Movement and Head of Digital Campaigns for the People's Vote movement. He has joined Compassion in Politics as an adviser with specific focus on our digital work.