Compassion Academy

Transforming teams, leaders and organisations through the power of compassion

Why compassion?

Compassion creates the conditions in which individuals and their organisations can thrive. 

Compassion training leads to: 

  • Lower levels of stress and burnout
  • Higher levels of commitment and employee engagement 
  • Enhanced teamwork
  • Stronger connection to purpose
  • Greater organisational resilience and adaptability
  • Higher levels of innovation and creativity.

In an increasingly confusing and uncertain world, compassion training is the pathway towards confidence, motivation, and innovation.

Our offer

Our training gives participants:

  • A grounding in compassion and its origins. 
  • The skills for self-compassion.
  • The techniques for emotion regulation.
  • The attributes to be a compassionate leader.
  • The tools to build compassionate teams. 


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