Compassion Academy: Transforming Politics Through Compassionate Leadership

Welcome to the Compassion Academy, the educational wing of Compassion in Politics. We offer a diverse range of bespoke, experiential, and skills-based training programmes designed for leaders, individuals, and organizations in the political arena. Our mission is to instil compassion, collaboration, and resilience in political practices worldwide.

As a registered training provider for the UK Houses of Parliament and an accredited CPD provider, the Compassion Academy delivers cutting-edge training and strategic advice on a global scale. Our esteemed advisory board includes globally renowned scientists, psychologists, and experts such as Professor James Doty, Professor Paul Gilbert, Marilyn Turkovich, Reggie Hubbard, Professor Michael West, and Dr. Marcela Matos.


New Politics Training

At Compassion in Politics, we champion a cross-party, inclusive, and value-driven approach to politics—what we call 'New Politics'. This innovative model is designed to address the complex challenges of our time, including rising extremism, inequality, and climate change. We have been collaborating with over 100 MPs across party lines in the UK to reform political practices and outcomes, striving for a system that genuinely serves the people.

Old Politics has left billions without the essentials for a good life and has pushed us to the brink of a climate catastrophe. The choice is clear: continue down the same path or embrace an inclusive, collaborative approach that offers real solutions. Our New Politics training equips current and aspiring political figures with the skills, resilience, and capacity to drive meaningful change.

Our training programs range from one-off workshops to year-long certified courses in New Politics. We cater to individuals, groups, and national parliaments, providing essential tools to navigate and transform the political landscape. This year, we are also offering specially designed resilience workshops for candidates and their teams to prepare for the challenges of the election year.

Bespoke Workshops and Courses

Our bespoke workshops are crafted to enhance compassion and reduce division within political and organizational settings. We offer:

  • Compassionate Leadership Courses: Empower leaders to lead with empathy and integrity.
  • Compassionate Teambuilding: Foster strong, cohesive teams grounded in mutual respect.
  • Resilience Workshops: Build resilience to navigate the pressures of political life.

Additionally, the Academy facilitates peer-support networks for organizations seeking to improve connection and cohesion. We also conduct visioning workshops for cities, projects, and organizations, providing them with a strategic blueprint for implementation.

Try one our introductory two hour session, or book a series

Join us at the Compassion Academy and be a part of the movement to revolutionize politics with compassion. For more information or to enrol in our programs, please contact us at [email protected]. Together, we can build a political system that truly cares for and supports everyone.