Specialist Support for those in the Political Space.

We know that politics is an incredibly stressful and often toxic environment to work in. Levels of psychological distress are often much higher than in the general population and the upcoming election period is going to intensify that. 

That’s why the Compassion Academy has developed a Resilience and Self-care Workshop specially designed for anyone working in the political space for the 2024 election year. Compassion training has been scientifically shown to improve resilience and reduce reactivity and stress

The Academy, Compassion in Politics’ training arm, delivers a proven, practical, and powerful set of tools enabling your colleagues and yourself to perform at the top of your game when it has never been needed more.

Our Resilience and Self-Care Workshop

Through this workshop, you will learn practical tools to:

  • Build resilience 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Take care of yourself in stressful environments
  • Tackle negative self-talk
  • Prioritise your physical and mental health
  • Protect yourself from burnout
  • Stay aligned to your values

Our half day workshop will introduce you to a range of powerful techniques specially designed to safeguard your wellbeing during the upcoming general election campaign and become an agent for positive, culture change in our politics. 

Why take the Workshop?

In what looks set to be an incredibly difficult, fraught election season, it is imperative that individuals and teams have the tools needed to look after themselves and those around them. Those who work in the political space are frequently highly motivated and other-focused,  often leaving themselves at risk.

Stress impacts negatively on our performance both cognitively and physically. It can lead to burn-out and inhibit our ability to function when we most need to be at the top of our game.

About the Compassion Academy

The Compassion Academy (CA) is the educational wing of Compassion in Politics. It provides a range of bespoke experiential and skills-based training interventions for leaders, individuals and organisations working in the political space. These can be provided in person or online. The Academy can also help to set up supervised peer-support for teams during the election and beyond.

The Academy is a registered training provider for the UK Houses of Parliament and is an accredited CPD provider. It provides training and strategy advice nationally and globally including resilience training to young leaders at the UN.

The Academy is advised by globally renowned scientists, psychologists and experts including Professor James Doty, Professor Paul Gilbert, Marilyn Turkovich, Reggie Hubbard, Professor Michael West, Laura Berens and Dr Marcela Matos.

For more information please email: [email protected]  

You can read more about the Compassion Academy here

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