Patel report shows need for MPs to receive compassion training

2020-11-20 15:46:00 +0000

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Following publication of details from a report that shows the Home Secretary Priti Patel bullied civil servants in her department, Co-Director of Compassion in Politics Jennifer Nadel said:

"This toxic and corrosive way of conducting politics has to stop. To achieve the urgent cultural shift that is necessary we need more than apologies. We need mandatory compassionate leadership training for MPs along with major reforms to the way we do politics. 

"This episode reveals the wider and serious problems we have at the heart of politics. An overly combative, competitive, and aggressive culture in politics has sucked the humanity out of the system and encouraged bad behaviour. We need interventions now to help create a more compassionate, inclusive, and cooperative way of doing politics. That is why we believe we need a new and enforceable code of conduct for parliament and booing and jeering in the Commons should be banned. Public trust in politicians is at an all time low and the behaviour of some leading politicians is a major reason for that. For the good of our democracy and the people who work to uphold it, we need a radical change in our political culture."