London opens hotel rooms for domestic abuse survivors

2020-06-02 13:55:00 +0100

(Image shown above is not of a hotel used in the scheme)

Following a campaign by Compassion in Politics and Southall Black Sisters (SBS) the Mayor of London has agreed to open up 82 hotel rooms in London for domestic abuse survivors who would otherwise be trapped indoors with an abuser. 

Compassion in Politics and SBS had called on the government to make hotel rooms available nationally but their response was to increase funding for domestic abuse charities. The two organisations have argued that this money, while welcome, is not what is needed right now - safe spaces for those who might be trapped indoors with an abuser. 

Evidence from across the world has shown that domestic abuse rates increase during a lockdown and it was for this reason that the campaign was launched by Compassion in Politics and SBS at the start of the lockdown measures in the UK. 

While both organisations are disappointed that a national solution has not yet been found, we are both very pleased that 82 rooms are being made available in London. They will continue to campaign together for more regional schemes like London's to be created even as lockdown is gradually lifted. 

You can read more about the scheme here. Anyone in London who needs to access these rooms should contact the national domestic abuse hotline on 0808 200 0247.

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