London's domestic abuse accommodation scheme extended to November

2020-07-27 17:02:00 +0100

The Mayor of London has announced that a scheme providing accommodation to domestic abuse survivors in the capital during Covid will now be extended to mid-November 2020. 

So far the programme has already given safe refuge to 92 women and 44 children (total of 136) who would otherwise have been trapped in lockdown with a domestic abuser. Of the women supported, 32 have no recourse to public funds. 


Can we keep in touch?

Mayor Sadiq Khan launched the scheme after Compassion in Politics and Southall Black Sisters came together at the start of lockdown and called on the government to open hotel rooms to domestic abuse survivors nationally. The government responded by increasing financial support for domestic abuse charities which, while welcome, could not provide the emergency shelter that domestic abuse survivors needed.

But in May, following negotiations, the Mayor announced that he would be taking on our suggestion and we were able to put him in contact with the hotel chains who had already come forwards to offer their support. Since the scheme was announced we have continued to ask the government to use this as a model nationally. 

Currently there are no concrete plans for the Mayor extend the plan beyond the new end date of 12 November 2020. We do understand that his office is seeking new funding to help continue the scheme indefinitely but without that the scheme will sadly draw to a close. Compassion in Politics and Southall Black Sisters will continue working to try and secure the support needed to prevent that from happening.