Conservative election: "End toxic campaign culture" says Compassion in Politics

2022-07-19 09:06:00 +0100

Ahead of the results of the latest round of voting in the Conservative Party leadership election, Compassion in Politics has called on the remaining candidates to end the infighting and antagonism. 

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Jennifer Nadel, Co-Director of Compassion in Politics, said:

“Compassion in Politics is calling for an immediate end to the toxic and dishonest campaigning and for the candidates to get down to a constructive debate about the real issues facing this country. The planet is warming, Covid rates rising, and cost-of-living escalating. None of these problems can be addressed while future leaders squabble, bicker, and trade insults.

“From this bruising experience, a better politics has to emerge. So in the final month of this campaign we need to see candidates not only turn the tide of hate but commit to pursuing root-and-branch reform of our political system so that it is built not on conflict and competition but compassion, inclusion, and cooperation.”