Compassion in Politics submission to Code of Conduct inquiry

2021-03-17 13:09:00 +0000

Compassion in Politics has made a formal submission to the Committee on Standards' inquiry into the MPs Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct sets out the behavioural expectations of MPs in terms of how they treat one another, their staff, and their constituents.


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Compassion in Politics has long-argued that the Code is in need of reform. We believe that not only could the Code be reformed to include the positive values of compassion, inclusion, and empathy, but also that more thought needs to go into the way the Code is inculcated in parliamentary life. 

For that reason our submission makes a number of recommendations to the Committee including:

  • Introducing compassion training for MPs
  • Ensuring that, as a minimum, the ACAS definition on bullying is included in the Code
  • Making the code intersectional by requiring that MPs do not use any language or behaviour that could be considered insulting to anyone with protected characteristics
  • Creating value-days in parliament where MPs are encouraged to celebrate and learn about the values of the Code
  • Increasing public-awareness of the code
  • Creating a support group for MPs to help them tackle behaviour that goes against the code. 

Read our full submission here. 

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