Standards Copy

,\nAs your constituent I am writing to you to ask for your support in creating a more honest, decent, and transparent politics.\n\nLike so many others, I have become increasingly disillusioned by the state of our politics. Lies, rule-breaking, and bullying seem to have become the norm. This is just so alienating to me: in my life I try to play by the rules, do the right thing, and treat others with respect. Why should politicians be any different?\n\nThis has got to change. That’s why I would really appreciate it if you’d support Debbie Abraham’s Bill, which is being having its second reading on 24th March, to put the Ministerial Code on a statutory footing.\n\nIt seems to me this could make a big difference. In most other workplaces, there are transparent, enforceable rules that employees have to abide by. The same must apply to Ministers of government. In fact, they should be working to even higher standards - raising the bar rather than plumbing new depths.\n\nPlease support this Bill and please help restore some respect and decency to politics.\n\nWarm regards,\n

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