Jo Cox Foundation & Compassion in Politics launch Election Civility Pledge

2024-06-05 16:53:00 +0100


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If you are a candidate in General Election, click here to sign our Civility Pledge to demonstate your commitment to political integrity


London, UK – 29 May 2024 – Compassion in Politics and The Jo Cox Foundation have launched the Civility Pledge, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at promoting respect, understanding, and kindness among candidates in the upcoming UK General Election.

In the spirit of the late Jo Cox MP, who believed that "we are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us," this pledge is a call to action for all political candidates to commit to a higher standard of conduct. The initiative seeks to counteract the divisive and often toxic nature of political discourse, fostering an environment where constructive dialogue and mutual respect prevail over hostility and polarization.

The Civility Pledge has three simple requests:

  • Use a civil and constructive tone in political debate
  • Act with integrity, honesty and compassion
  • Behave respectfully towards other including those I disagree with

The Civility Pledge is open to all candidates, regardless of party affiliation, and is designed to create a more constructive and positive campaign environment. By signing the pledge, candidates demonstrate their commitment to upholding the values that Jo Cox championed and that are essential for a healthy democracy.

Jennifer Nadel, Co-Director of Compassion in Politics, stated:

"We believe that the tone and quality of our political discourse is foundational to effective governance. The Civility Pledge is about bringing dignity back to our democratic processes and ensuring that all candidates engage in a manner that honours the offices they seek to hold."

Candidates are invited to sign the Civility Pledge starting today. The list of signatories will be publicly available on the websites of Compassion in Politics and The Jo Cox Foundation, alongside resources and guidelines for promoting civility in campaigning. More info: Jo Cox Foundation


If you are a candidate in General Election, click here to sign our Civility Pledge

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