Ethics Commission proposal welcomed

2024-06-13 16:00:00 +0100

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Compassion in Politics welcomes the commitment of Labour Party to establish an Ethics Commission

13 June 2024: Our proposal for an Ethics Commission was included in the Labour Party Manifesto which was unveiled today. We have been campaigning for parliamentary standards to be raised and Debbie Abrahams, the brilliant chair of our All Party Parliamentary Group for Compassionate Politics Group introduced  a Bill to Parliament to create a genuinely independent Ethics Commission to oversee our politicians’ behaviour.  Today in their manifesto, Labour have backed it. We look forward to the Ethics Commission being established and contributing to a new standards in political life, and to a more compassionate way of doing politics.

With the #1forEquality Coalition, we have also been campaigning for the Equality Act to be enacted in full, so that public bodies can no longer make inequality worse by their acts. Today in their manifesto, Labour backed it. 

There was also Labour manifesto commitment for a Modernisation Committee to improve standards and working practices in Parliament. The Palace of Westminster is full of pomp, history and tradition but many of its working practices are arcane and dysfunctional and wouldn't be tolerated in any other workplace. Compassion in Politics, has already drafted some proposals to improve the culture and functionality of politics, most of which could be implemented in the first 100 days of the new parliament.

We will shortly announce our New Politics proposals and will sending them to new members of Parliament and to our campaign partners

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