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I am writing to you as your constituent to ask that you please attend the event taking place on Wednesday 20 March in the House of Commons on standards and culture in politics.\n\nI am sure that, like me, you’ve been appalled by the continuing fall in standards in our politics. From lies to abuse to racism and sexism, you and I are being persistently let-down by the standards of leadership in this country.\n\nBut I am tired of being angry or shocked. I just want action.\n\n So please, take the opportunity to attend the debate in the Commons on Wednesday - likely to be from 12.30pm onwards - organised by Debbie Abrahams. Ms Abrahams will be presenting her Bill aimed at raising standards in politics through an Ethics Commission, proper enforcement of the Codes of Conduct, and by beefing up the role of the advisor on ethics. This is a chance for all MPs to show that they, like the public, are fed-up with bad standards and are going to do something about it.\n\nThank you.

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