Our goal

 For decades we've been told to believe something that is completely untrue - that we are inherently greedy, selfish, and self-serving. 

This is no way to live and it’s no way to run a country. It's making us unhappy. It's increasing inequality. It's making us poorer and weaker as a society.

We are so much better and so much more than this. We help, cooperate, love, and share. Imagine if our political, economic, and social life reflected those values - if we created an environment that promoted our inherent compassion and ability to work together. Sadly those who seek to argue in terms of compassion are dismissed as naive or woolly thinking. Morality has to many commentators become irrelevant to the political debate.  


But what we are calling for is not some utopia. It’s based on the reality of who we are. We give to charity. We share skills and ideas. We look after neighbours, friends, and family. The moments of history that we prize most greatly - the formation of the NHS, the legalisation of homosexuality, the kindertransport that offered sanctuary in Britain to 10,000 Jewish children on the outbreak of WW2 - were all built on compassionate principles.


Through a new kind of politics and with a new set of values at the heart of decision-making we can create a nation that cares for one another, improves everyone’s lives, and protects our natural world.


You can download our briefing here