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  • Hotels and charities urge government to support domestic abuse survivors

    April 15, 2020

    Hotels and over 30 charities have issued a joint call on the government to help women and children escape domestic abuse as the latest statistics suggest the rates of abuse are rising.
    It comes after Women’s Aid reported a 41% increase in users visiting its Live Chat between 26 March and 1 April compared to the previous week, as well as a marked increase in visitors across all its digital support services [1].

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  • Charities and politicians call on hotels to offer rooms to women trapped in homes with domestic abusers

    March 27, 2020

    MPs Jess Phillips and Carolyn Harris and 33 women’s rights organisations have written to major hotel chains asking them to offer their beds to women fleeing domestic abusers who would otherwise be trapped with them during the Coronavirus lockdown.


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  • Rent arrears, evictions, and food shortages: the impact of Covid-19 on British workers

    March 26, 2020

    A new survey out today has found that more than one in three workers (36%) have been financially impacted by Covid-19 [1]. 

    Reasons reported include contracted work being cancelled or ended and people having to work reduced hours or take unpaid leave. 

    The survey also found that the financial impact is having a worrying effect on people’s livelihoods. 

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  • Whisper it, but anger is giving way to decency in our politics

    March 17, 2020

    Anger is exhausting. There is only so long most people can sustain a state of permanent fury, let alone put up with it in others. It takes a lot of energy to remain at boiling point, ever vigilant to the next perceived outrage, and eventually most people burn out. It was this kind of longing for the shouting to stop, almost as much as Brexit fever, that Boris Johnson arguably tapped into with his wildly misleading promise to just get the whole leaving business over and done with. Paradoxically, it’s this same bone-weariness that may also eventually lead a polarised country towards some kind of healing.


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  • Mass MP walkouts 'could combat hate speech' in Parliament

    March 16, 2020

    Staging mass walkouts in Parliament to protest against "hate speech" is among the ideas being discussed by a new group of MPs and peers.

    The cross-party group says it wants to "put compassion at the heart of politics" - and is proposing a code of conduct for Parliament.

    The group - which met for the first time on Tuesday - is concerned about the "toxic" tone of debate.

    It also wants legislation to better protect future generations.

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  • We need to look further than Priti Patel, bullying in Parliament is rife

    March 16, 2020

    Another day has passed and more allegations of bullying by the Home Secretary Priti Patel have surfaced.

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  • Politicians write to BBC over "toxic" Question Time

    March 12, 2020

    A group of politicians have written to the BBC asking how the institution intends to tackle what they see as the growing “toxicity” of the politics show Question Time [1].


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