petition for new mp code of conduct presented to speaker john bercow

16th October 2019

Today the four brilliant young activists from Manchester and Salford who we worked with on a petition calling for a new code of conduct for MPs presented their petition to the Commons Speaker John Bercow.

The petition was launched in response to the mounting tensions and growing conflict in parliament.

Lisa, Olivia, Precious, and Jaiden, aged 17 to 19, would all one day like to work in politics because they see it as a way of making a positive difference in the world. But the recent examples of abuse and backbiting MPs have unleashed on one-another has made them rethink that choice and they are worried it is putting other young people off politics altogether. 

Over 65,000 people have signed the petition and the numbers keep on rising! You can sign it here

Olivia explains why she and her three friends set up the petition