New bill to ban politicians from deliberately lying to public published

Working with legal experts Compassion in Politics has published a new bill designed to ban politicians from any party from deliberately lying to the electorate. 
The publication of the draft legislation comes after the UK's fact-checking agency Full Fact said “this vote was left wide open to misinformation and abuse.”

We believe existing law has not kept pace with changes in politics and election campaigning, particularly the huge growth of online campaigning. 
Jennifer Nadel, Co-Director of Compassion in Politics, said:
“This has been the most divisive, deceitful, and disrespectful election campaign in living memory. The tone many political leaders have set is entirely at odds with the caring, compassionate, and respectful Britain that most of us believe in. We cannot undo what has happened in the last six weeks but we can learn from it and make changes to the law and to our politics that will prevent it from ever happening again. It is frankly unbelievable that our politicians are not subject to the same levels of accountability as businesses, as teachers, or as doctors. We will change that and with it we will change politics.”

Plaid Cymru Leader, Adam Price, said: 

“Over half a century ago we made it illegal for companies to lie to us with the Trade Descriptions Act. Sadly, it looks like now we need the same principle to apply to politicians.

“Honesty is the most important currency in politics. We have to restore it, before we bankrupt our whole society.”